25 November 2013

Report Premio Giuseppe Musmeci first edition

Saturday, November 23 at Istituto ARTigianelli in Milan, also home of the ACSG , was held the award ceremony of the first Premio Giuseppe Musmeci. The event was into the celebration of the school, having regard to the issue of education and training. The challenge was to propose a graphic product, in this case a calendar, themed " calligraphy " which can reflect the characteristics of harmonic and beauty expressed in the notice of the competition. For these reasons the Premio Giuseppe Musmeci is the natural continuation of  the Calendario Fontegrafica tradition, with a teaching view that encompasses the full mission of the company .

The event had a very high number of visitors, the school auditorium was sold out, several people standing participated deeply in any case. After the 45 minutes dedicated to the school, Corrado Musmeci strated his speech, to greet guests and to reiterate how important it was for Fontegrafica to not break the tradition of the famous calendar, but rather to give it continuity highlighting a new aspect; the training of course, setting up a contest that push the future generation to trial an almost professional situation.

After Corrado's speech the event went into the calendar itself. The calligraphy theme has been involved with a video interview with Luca Barcellona, ​​the famous international calligrapher, who illustrated the stylistic and technical characteristics of the subjects. A "general overview", in which there was also time for a graphics speech, enhanced by the fact that Luca was part of the jury of the competition, along with Corrado Musmeci, Claudia Neri, Carola Goglio and Massimo Dradi.

The award ceremony of the ten finalists was preceded by a moment of thanks to all the sponsors who have made ​​possible the development of the competition, thanks to the technical material and money price for the awards.

The ceremony, which saw on the stage all the ten finalists of the competition (on the site www.premiogiuseppemusmeci.it are exposed all the works). The first prize went to Lara Sirtori of Istituto Arte e Messagio di Milano. A special prize was awarded to Nicolò Bernhardt dell' Istituto Sacro Cuore in paternariato con l'Istituto Pavoniano Artigianelli di Trento  as the best calendar on the web with more than 140 preferences.

The event ended with a buffet for the guests, next to the exhibition hall of the calendars, where it was possible to pick up a free copy of the winner calendar. Remind that Fontegrafica will make its own ennobled calendar, as well as the notebook and the table calendar with the graphic of the winner.

This first edition of the Premio Giuseppe Musmeci was like a seed we want to grow soon, just by investing in schools, young people, as future professionals in our industry. Musmeci believed in the didactic aspect of his work, with the strong awareness that the best present is rooted in a solid history and a future full of constant improvement and research. It 'just with this spirit" that we renew the appointment with the Premio Giuseppe Musmeci for the next year!

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