The Company


Fontegrafica was founded in 1951 by Salvatore Musmeci as a family-operated printing company. It soon passed under the guidance of his son, Giuseppe, who transformed the business from a small print shop to a real company. In addition to quantity, the company grew in terms of quality as well, and during the two decades from 1990 to 2010, it held a leadership position in the sector of quality offset printing.

Sectors of reference include fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, automotive and luxury goods in general. Since 2011 the company has been headed by Corrado Musmeci, Giuseppe’s son. In the first months of 2013, Fontegrafica moved from its old headquarters to a new, technologically up to the minute structure, consolidating its business in the sectors of art, photography and art prints.

Storia di Fontegrafica


The graphic arts sector is going through a sea change. The production processes that have characterized the printing market for many years are being questioned as never before.

Our vision is to target a still more selective market, making an increasingly sharp distinction between those who view printing in terms of simple serial production and those who are instead engaged in continual stylistic, artisanal and technological experimentation, with the end goal of achieving a durable, sophisticated product with a high emotional and communicative value.


Fontegrafica’s mission is to consolidate its leadership position at the international level in the sector of high quality printing, a position it has earned over the course of its many decades of activity. The durability of its products is considered as important as the superior quality and exclusivity of the materials utilized,


the elegance of the bindings and packaging solutions and the extra enhancement added through special treatments. All this results in complex communications products that precisely correspond to our clients’ requirements. The process also enjoys the support and collaboration of


some fo the most prestigious professional schools and design institutes in the sector: Fontegrafica has always believed and invested in the world of culture and education, in the knowledge that among the emerging young talents there are those who will play prominent roles in the future of graphics.


Fontegrafica boasts a vast range of clients in the luxury sector: cosmetics, automotive, nautical, interior design, fashion, sports, insurance, construction, jewelry and watches, just to name a few.


We are also very involved in publishing: we print photography and art books, invitations for grand occasions, exclusive design accessories and any product with a high communicative value.


Fontegrafica thinks positive. There is no surface or material that cannot be printed on or treated. We make a wide range of products, from brochures to business cards, from totems to art books, from invitations to events hosted by the leading fashion designers to the most refined packaging, from containers made from unusual materials to the most classic envelopes, bookmarks and publishing products. All the Fontegrafica products feature unique characteristics.